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The Hamptons
Water Mill

Water Mill was founded in 1644 by English colonists fleeing from the growing Massachusetts population. These settlers built a gristmill on a pond only previously known by the Shinnecock Indians. The mill became the economic and social hub of the new community. The history includes farming, whaling, hurricanes, ice boating, and ice harvesting.


Known for its quaint shops, wineries and horse farms, Bridgehampton is a perfect mix of chic and country. Plus, throw in pristine ocean beaches andyou have it all! Bridgehampton was founded in 1656 and is the site of the annual Hampton Classic Horse Show, the largest show jumping event in the United States.

Sag Harbor

Origanally an Indian Village, "Wegwagonock", meaning "at he foot of the hill", was located where Sag Harbor is now in 1640.  The first English colonists referred to it as "Great Meadows", and, in 1680, the meadows were allotted among the proprietor town owners.


The East End's first settlers were New Englanders from Lynn, Massachusetts. They founded the Village of Southampton in June, 1640, after landing at Conscience Point in North Sea.

The Colonists built their houses and villages to reflect the styles of their New England homeland. They named their village in honor of the Earl of Southampton, England.