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Origanally an Indian Village, "Wegwagonock", meaning "at he foot of the hill", was located where Sag Harbor is now in 1640.  The first English colonists referred to it as "Great Meadows", and, in 1680, the meadows were allotted among the proprietor town owners.

The mainstay of the Indian diet was a tuber that grew in abundance in low swampy areas. It was known by many names, but the Indians called the plant sagga. The harbor of Sagg evolved into Sagg Harbour. Sag Harbor became important because of its seafaring port which was first mentioned in 1707. By 1770, trade with the West Indies had been established. Whaling schooners and sloops sailed out along the coast. Where blubber was"tried out" or melted there to be used for lamp oil.

In 1771 Long Wharf was constructed, and it still stands today as a reminder of Sag Harbor's halcyon days! Sag Harbor Fire Department is one of the oldest in New York State. Downtown Sag Harbor is the only town in the Hamptons situated on a wharf. Hight-end yachts spend their summers there. Also located on the Long Wharf is Bay Street Theater. Town is buzzing - day and night!